Meet Monalisa


Hello world!

I’m Monalisa, a green smoothie addict, sun lover, utterly obsessed with my sisters, animal lover and greatly in love with my lifestyle consisting mostly of exploring, living, studying and working in different countries and cities all around the globe. I grew up in a patch-work family where organic markets and whole foods were a daily occurrence. Playing instruments like piano, the flute or cello accompanied me during my childhood and youth. While I always love to get creative, may it be painting or working with clay or glass (don’t you just love a huge white canvas ready to express yourself creatively?), over 11 years of my life were devoted to American Ballet, dancing and working with schools and teachers in Germany and Luxembourg. My mom, a kindergarten teacher and passionate family person, influenced me in a way that I found joy in working voluntarily in a youth center, organizing summer camps and get-togethers for children that cannot afford to go on vacation with their families, for many years.

Fascinated by the world of nutrition and well-being, I developed a green passion that inspires me and helped me overcome most of my anemia symptoms, chronic exhaustion, an eating disorder and turned me into an awake morning person. Developing healthy habits and regaining my full energy is what I love most. I love new projects and the challenges in my life as they help me grow towards the person I want to become.


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