Welcome to Locavori!

Locavore (french): A person who prefers to buy local foods

At locavori you’ll have the possibility to join my personal journey towards a strong and healthy body and mind. I enjoy the energy I gained from switching to a dairy,meat free and plant-based diet and I love to explore and research topics I’m interested in. Locavori gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and healthy habits I developed during my journey (that work for me on a daily basis!) with you. Fascinated by the power motivation has on humans and the incredible things individuals reach when they’re motivated, this blog is also meant to empower you and help you overcome struggles by motivational thoughts and strategies.

The goal is to drop the image of the sickish and palish eco-hippie or the obnoxious food enthusiast that seems to have lost all contact with reality. If you are following this blog you’ll be introduced to many great, super fit and healthy role models that inspire me on my journey.

Locavori: lots of locavore and always a little loco 😉


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