Why Should I Consider Switching To A Whole-Foods And Plant-Based Diet?


Because of my passion for nutrition I often find myself talking to people about why the standard western diet is detrimental to our health and how we can reverse the damage of excessive consumption of unhealthy and processed foods. At first, a whole-foods and plant-base diet can seem daunting, due to the flood tide of controversial information on the Internet telling people what to eat.

Switching to a whole-foods and plant-base diet is not a short term diet, it is not a quick fix for years of eating wrong and it is not meant to be a strict program that you’ll have to follow in order to be successful.

Transitioning into a whole foods and plant-based diet gives you the opportunity to:

  • get in touch with what you’re eating
  • ¬†to change the relationship you have with food
  • be empowered, motivated and and ready to change your life in terms of mental, emotional and physical health
  • reset your body and fueling your body with foods that it deserves.
  • eat foods that won’t drag you down, slow you down or hold you back from reaching and maintaining a healthy body and mind
  • maintain a healthy weight without counting calories, following a strict diet or being forced to focus on only one type of food. No starvation, no jo-jo effect, no pills, and no weight-loss shakes, powders etc.
  • detoxify your body, ultimately helping you to a strong and lean body and clear skin
  • prevent/cure/lower risk of: diabetes, heart disease and stroke, hypertension, cancer, fatigue, nausea, eating disorders, depression etc.
  • maintain a healthy immune system
  • reduce your carbon footprint and help protecting our environment; 20 vegans can live off the same land required by one meat eater
  • live according to your personal values such as compassion and doing no harm, reducing suffering etc.
  • prolong your life and increase your life expectancy (!)

It is a lifestyle that will slowly but surely spread through not only your eating behavior but also your general behavior in terms of conscious living and finding your place in the world as a human being.

Writing for this blog, I hope to inspire you to make conscious food choices and find joy in taking active steps towards a healthy body and mind. Switching to a whole foods and plant-based diet absolutely transformed my life and I’m so happy I get to share my experience with you!

XO, Monalisa


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