Vegan fast food: Mono meals


What I love most about my diet is, that it really is simple. With eating clean comes a sense of simplicity and an appreciation for foods in its natural state. Because the majority of the food I eat is raw, I spent less time cooking, frying and baking. Spending hours and hours in the kitchen preparing meals with a ton of ingredients is history. But don’t get me wrong, I love trying out new colorful recipes that call for spices and ingredients I haven’t used before. Like trying out vegan taco “meat” for example. It tasted amazing and it was HILARIOUS to fool people because it really did look exactly like taco meat.

What are mono meals?

A mono meal is a meal that consists of one ingredient. If that doesn’t sound like the easiest vegan meal you’ve ever heard! Now what foods are suitable for mono meals you might ask. The most common foods for mono meals are fruit. As I mentioned light and heavy foods in a previous post you already know that fruits are light foods and therefore digested very well and best of all – fast. So eating only one fruit at a time makes it even easier to digest as your body focuses on breaking down one type of fruit instead of a bunch of different ones. Mono meals are meant to give your body a break from tiresome digestion!

If you really set your focus on eating only one type of food you’ll find yourself looking at the food you’re eating from a different perspective. First of all you’ll automatically choose better quality foods to eat. Why? Well if you’re about to eat a whole cantaloupe or nothing but oranges for lunch, trust me, you’ll choose the most delicious and juiciest fruit there is. Good for you! Raising the quality of the food you’re eating, raises the standard of what foods you want to put in your body and ultimately raises the quality of the life you choose for yourself! But isn’t it kind of boring? To only one fruit at a time? Often times the foods we eat consist of so many ingredients we can’t even tell what exactly we’re eating right now. The highly processed and boxed foods we eat are not “just cereal” or “just bread”, a close look on the ingredient list reveals 30 ingredients, half of which we probably don’t even know. Eating “just a cracker”? Think again. Mono meals are great because they give you the possibility to fully taste your food: mouth-watering, flavor-bursting and colorful foods! The sensation of appreciation doesn’t stop there. As you eat only one type of food, you’ll find yourself concentrating on proper chewing and taking your time to eat. All of which contribute to a healthy digestion and mindfulness. You will also notice when you want to stop eating and when you’re satisfied or full. Ever ate a lot of fast food and still felt hungry afterwards? Then you probably know what it feels like to be totally out of touch with what you’re eating and simply not feeling satisfied.

Personally, I love to start my day with a green smoothie but whenever I don’t have my blender on hand (like right now as I’m enjoying myself in Spain) I eat a mono meal for breakfast. Fresh juicy peaches, watermelon and cantaloupe are so refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

I love to learn ways to simplify my life, as it is easy to feel completely overwhelmed in the fast-paced environment we live in. Finding simplicity within my lifestyle calms me down and takes the nervousness away as well as raises the quality of my life.I hope you’re inspired to find ways to simplify your life and declutter from things that you simply don’t need.

Lots of light and sunshine from the Costa del Azahar,

XO Monalisa


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