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Being mindful about what you put in your body is as important as being mindful about what you put on your body. Often times we are lured into advertising promises, unknowingly buying harsh chemicals. While thinking we’re giving our skin a good treatment, all harmful ingredients are absorbed by our skin and end up in our blood stream.

As for my personal journey, step 1 was to eliminate harsh face washes, peelings and co. Propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrances etc. are not only commonly cheap chemicals used by the industry, they are simply harmful and often times have a reverse effect such as irritating and drying out your skin, hair loss, allergic reactions, the list goes on and on… . Again with all those toxins ending up in your bloodstream, we really can’t justify the use of any of them. What about zits and pimples? A flawless face does not come by drying out our skin or even peeling off layers of our skin with chemicals. Letting our skin breathe and recover from years of using harmful products can often times do wonders for our skin.

What products do I use?

As everyone’s needs are different, I’ll share my personal preferences when it comes to buying skin care products. I go for certified organic products with ingredients that are plant-based and often times infused with essential oils. Here we go:

  • WELEDA: Long story short, Weleda is great! My whole family uses Weleda for over a decade and we all love it! In my purse you’ll find the Weleda Baby Calendula cream at all times, as I use it in the morning for my face and as a hand cream during the day. Great for my feet and elbows, too. They really do have a lot of product lines from skincare to hair and body. I love Weleda oils as well as they smell fantastic and nurture my skin.
  • SALLY B’S SKIN YUMMIES: This handmade line of natural, all organic skincare and make up blew. me. away! I love the organic lip yummies (especially in orange vanilla), the “B pinched” cream blush and the “Get even finishing powder”. The lip yummy will leave your lips the softest they’ve ever been the cream blush is so subtle and beautiful. The powder does not clog your pores or will look unnatural as many powders do. I wholeheartedly recommend it, all products and more info here:
  • CALIFORNIA BABY: I first checked out California Baby products as I was looking for a natural, toxic-free sunscreen. Since then I tried several products and I really did love them all. With a ton of products to choose from this is what I used: Super Sensitive (No Fragrance) Broad Spectrum SPF 18 Sunscreen, Aromatherapy Aloe vera cream and the tea tree and lavender shampoo and body wash. The aloe vera cream is FANTASTIC. Sunburns, rough skin or even eczema are history if you use this cream. The tea tree wash I also used for my face sometimes as it is super refreshing.

As you learn more about the ingredients in your skin care products, you’ll find yourself being more careful about what you put on your skin. I often times do not use any products at all as I love coconut oil and self-made masks (post will follow!).

I hope you’re inspired to take a good look on the products you use and maybe even try some out of my favorites and see if they work out for you, too!

XO Monalisa


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