Healthy habit #2: Eating from light to heavy

A major shift in my overall well-being and eating behavior started happening when I started to strictly eat from light to heavy. Better digestion and therefore better overall health, the ability to digest food better and faster, consequently gaining more energy as your body spends less energy on digestion (post will follow!) are some benefits you’re able to gain!

Eating from light to heavy means that you put the food you’re eating in an order of what food is digested the easiest, digested fairly quick and food that takes the longest time to digest. Food that digests easy is “light” food, conversely food that takes a long time to digest is “heavy” food.

Kimberly Snyder, a great nutritionist, gave a good example regarding eating from light to heavy: If you have a road with a motorcycle, a car and a truck, how would you arrange those vehicles on the road so that everybody comes to its destination first? Would you place the truck first, then the car and then the motorcycle? No because that would cause a traffic jam. You would want to put the fast motorcycle first, the car after and then the truck so that everybody comes to its destination fast.

The same thing is happening in your body. Eating heavy foods before light foods causes much as the motorcycle and the truck a traffic jam inside of your body. You can however easily solve this problem by switching up the order of eating your food.

An example. For dinner you want to eat fruit first as it is digested most quickly, followed by a salad, followed by vegetables and grains. Rice, pasta, fish and co would go last as well! A common dinner tradition is eating fruit after a heavy meal as dessert. Big no no. As you put heavy food in your body that is digested really slow, eating fruit after causes the fruit to sit on top of your heavy meal. By the time the heavy food is digested, the fruit started to ferment inside of your body. Results are bloating, toxins and waste being stored in your body and also weight gain.

As you eat from light to heave during a meal, you can also try to practice eating from light to heavy during the day. As your body uses the time in the morning to detoxify, freeing your body from heavy breakfasts that puts all your energy in digestion can help you regain your energy in the morning and give your body more time to detoxify. Ever felt like passing out after lunch or being so tired you feel like napping instead of working? Cause can be your heavy lunch as again all your beautiful energy flows into digestion. The longer you will follow the principle the easier it will be and the less hungry you’ll feel in the morning and at noon time. I’m working on a blog post regarding proper lunch meals that won’t slow down your digestion and therefore won’t steal your energy you need throughout the day, so stay tuned! πŸ™‚

Ease off your digestion by eating from light to heavy and see the benefits for yourself πŸ™‚ I hope you’re inspired to try it, if you have question or comments leave a comment below πŸ™‚

XO Monalisa


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