Living In The Present


Wouldn’t it be great to sit somewhere in peace without thinking of the fight 2 years ago, the discussion with your friend yesterday or the grumpy bus driver 3 hours ago who drove off even though he saw you running towards the bus? Wouldn’t it be great to sit somewhere in peace without thinking the excuse you will have to give your sister in a little bit because you just ate her cookie, of the bill you have to pay at the end of this month or the explanation of what you want to do after you finish your bachelor? Imagine it. Wouldn’t that be – nice? Incredibly refreshing?

Sometimes we find ourselves living on this big timeline, where our past and future is taking up so much of our present that we forget how it feels like to live in the moment. To be worry free for just one moment. To sit somewhere consciously, appreciating our being without fears, worries, future expectations and duties. It seems so impossible and so far away that the question is: How do we get there? Or how do we get back there?

I’m a huge fan of naturopathic and homeopathic practitioners (post will follow!). That being said, the last time I visited my homeopath I talked to her about anxiety and nervousness. She laughed and said: “Monalisa, look at the world we live in. It would be scary if people would be calm and relaxed with the work they do and the environment they live in. Our society is nervous!” 2 years ago I had this one year that included over 60 hours of sitting in a plane, traveling to different countries. I was addicted to the feeling of getting somewhere new and switched places fast! The effect I saw after the year having major troubles with anxiety and nervousness. The lifestyle we force our bodies to live isn’t always what we would really need or what we are capable of doing at this point. Thankfully our bodies do warn us in form of pain or even diseases to slow down or change what we’re doing. Our body gives us the direction of what we’re capable of doing at any given moment of our lives.

How can we learn to live in the moment? Be more present in spite of hectic and stress, worries and anxiety? Being passionate about nutrition, things started to change the moment I started to fully appreciate my body for functioning the way it does, realizing and accepting the aspects I need to change in my life and to fuel my body with the food it deserves. Also transitioning into a vegan lifestyle: If you think about how an animal gets slaughtered and what fears it passes through, there is a theory that suggests that you, eating the animal, are negatively affected by the stress-induced hormone and cortisoid production within the meat that is transmitted to your body.

Meditating is a common practice that helps to direct your focus inward and your being in the present. Personally, I found the practice of meditation to be incredibly challenging but also astonishing as you get great insight of yourself. In a hectic workweek or even on vacation I like to practice breathing exercises (post will follow!) to stabilize and feel more connected to the world I live in. Another way to help you reach the stage of living in the present is by practicing mindfulness. Try sitting somewhere quiet, appreciating the things around you, noticing and recognizing everything around you. How much more do you see, hear, smell and feel?

Thus it seems so far away sometimes to reach that feeling we don’t have to drug ourselves to blend out everything or even to “bear” our lives, we don’t have to drink alcohol until we pass out to “relax”. In our fast-changing and ever busy world we need to learn how to practice living in the present. How to be consciously alive.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Buddha

Thanks for reading,

XO Monalisa


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