The minefield


The other day I was sitting on the kitchen table munching on my super size salad and while talking to a few people one person said: “Wow Monalisa the “outside world” must be like a minefield for you. No matter where you go, unhealthy foods.” It never occurred to me that the choices I make in my diet are viewed as overly restrictive and exhausting. But is it true? Is a city full of fast food restaurants and bloodcurdling foods a minefield? A dangerous place where we have to avoid everything that comes our way, a place where the next bomb can blow off every moment behind every corner?

My answer? No. Empowered by the choices you and I make we focus on what we need and what we desire to create our realities. It is only a battle or a minefield if you let it. I do not avoid certain foods or hold myself back from eating what I really want, I make choices that might differ from the vast majority but are still my choices. Choices that fulfill me and make me – happy! During my journey I learned to value my body and have respect of what I’m capable of doing. I love to fuel my body with foods that help me grow, develop a healthy and clear mind and help me become the person I want to be.

Changes however do not happen overnight. It does take time for your body to adapt to the changes you make, in your diet or your environment. But always remember that your life, your being, is a process. Developing healthy habits (post fill follow!) can help you stay on track towards your goal and empower as well as remind you what is it that you’re striving for.

Another real story of my life brought some food for thought. While visiting my best friend, not having my high-speed blender, juicer or probiotics on hand, he said: “I’m sorry that you can’t really follow your diet here”. I just laughed it off but I could see that he truly wanted me to be able to follow my lifestyle. The thing is: Again this is a process not a stagnant, inflexible diet that can be “ruined” by certain circumstances we find ourselves in sometimes. You’ll find your body appreciating changes quickly and also your body is so powerful it bounces back to your healthy habits you developed pretty well. The focus we foodies develop sometimes simply because we talk, write and hear so much about FOOD should not hold us back from the joy of throwing some principles overboard if that means that we are happy and fulfilled and spend time with people we love and inspire us. While not having any appliances I use on a daily basis it was easy for me to switch to a much simpler lifestyle in increasing my fruit and veggie intake, eating lots and lots of mono meals (post will follow!) that were refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

Those two examples were events as they happened in my life but also online I found many comments that made me think. A popular one is the complaint of not being persistent enough with a certain diet and “falling off the wagon”. What worked for me is to be aware and conscious about the choices I make so that I can truly appreciate them. Don’t beat yourself up over little things and don’t let a concern consume you. It is perfectly fine and necessary to take baby steps towards your personal goal(s). Cravings, overeating or binging (all of which would count as “slipping off the wagon”) are often derived from deficiencies. Physically or emotionally. Try to put a finger on whatever it is that you crave and try to find a source where it could come from. In my personal journey focusing on what my body needs to function well was a great way to start exploring and researching the huge flood tide of information that is out there on nutrition, emotional and physical fitness as well as well-being.

I wish you the power and energy to make a happy commitment to your body to treat yourself well. Every. Single. Day.

XO Monalisa


2 thoughts on “The minefield

  1. I want to thank you so much for this amazing positive Blog!! It was so inspiring & I felt like you were speaking directly to me about people standing in your way. I recently was focusing so much of MY time, energy & my own goals for my life on a particular friend that I got so wrapped up in trying to help her through her problems & issues that it was standing in the way of my own life & goals & things I wanted for myself. She absolutely was standing in my way & after reading your post I felt like I had a major revelation that I have been needing for a long time. I had allowed this situation to hinder me for way too long!! It all finally came to a head & I sadly had to just let go of a 17 year friendship b/c it was becoming toxic to myself & my family. I was very hurt by the realization that I was just being used by this person as a stepping stone towards what she was looking for. Anyway, I beleive everything happens for a reason & reading your blog just helped to confirm what I already knew, I was allowing this person to stand in my way if achieving my own goals & full potential for my own life. I found you on the BD FB community & I am so glad I chose to click on your link!!!:):) I have subscribed to continue to follow your Blog & I look forward to your positive energy to fill my days!
    Thank You So Much,
    A new follower & friend
    Cindy Holiday

  2. You just put a big big smile on my face 🙂 Thank you for sharing, I’m so glad you found inspiration on this blog! I know what that feels like, I really do, and I’m so happy for you that you realized what is best for you. I went through the same thing with a person I used to call my everything and later on I realized he was just that. Consuming and taking everything from me. Holding me back. As you said, everything happens for a reason, years later I know that I had to go through the disappointment and also the pain to become who I am today. So to share my experiences and get such warm comments like yours truly does make me happy 🙂
    Thank you for following me, I’m thrilled that you’re joining my journey. New posts will follow shortly, I promise 🙂 Monalisa

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