A few words on positivity and reaching your goals


“It’s an amazing experience when you focus on the positive things in your life. Things start to change. You become happier. You see things differently. There might still be negative things there, but like an airplane flying overhead, they become the background noise of your mind.”

(source: facebook.com/be-a-good-human/)

Positive people

Positive people are sometimes viewed as “living in denial” and accused of not being realistic and so overly optimistic that they seem to have lost a sense of what is real.

But focusing on positivity is – conversely – accepting of what you cannot change. It is also about doing what you can, when you can do it with the resources you have available. Dwelling on negativity often times includes focusing on things you cannot change and sits like a heavy weight on your shoulders, holding you back from doing what you could do with your time, energy and resources.

Setting realistic steps towards your goal

One thing I do to stay positive especially when I set goals for myself that I want to reach is setting realistic goals. You decide what you want to do and then work out on how you do it. Setting realistic steps toward your goals can ultimately lift your spirits and raise the quality of your life because you are creating steps that are reachable. You can actually reach the mark you set for yourself and this alone is a win.

Focusing on one thing at a time is an advice I seem to hear everywhere but it is so helpful. Being busy all the time we often find ourselves like an internet explorer with thousands of active tabs open. Alone the thought of that much information and the desperate try to hold the overview of all tabs puts us under enormous stress. Sorting out one single step, one single activity or task at once reduces the risk of feeling overwhelmed and lifts the weight off our shoulders. Finally we are doing what we can do with the time and resources we have available. Ordering what you do first is also putting things into perspective and ultimately frees you from chaos.Yes the workload can be enormous and multitasking seems so much more appealing to get things done. But even then I personally find setting the focus straight and dividing and ordering the workload in smaller packages of what has to be done makes it much easier for me and also more enjoyable. The success moments after each stage towards my goal gives me a rush of motivation and positivity and I feel even more energized to continue.

You are in my way

A lot of times something or someone seems to hinder us to reach our goals. Some people simply seem to stand in your way. In my experience people are often unconsciously standing in your way and if you don’t speak up you’ll end up standing behind them forever not getting somewhere. They’ll stand there until they decide to leave and it might be too late to reach your goal or even stage towards your goal. What could happen if you do speak up? Maybe the person will step aside saying “I didn’t even realize I was in your way”. Even if you can see your goal people may or may not step into your way and block certain roads that does not mean that you have to accept the fact that somebody is blocking it and that you have to wait patiently until the person moves out of your way. Learning how to communicate your goals and intentions with others can often times clear the path again to your destination.

Living on someone else’s agenda

People tend to set up plans and agenda for themselves. They are practical, hold together their thoughts and make it easier to hold the overview of what has to be done. So far so good. But sometimes we seem to be so involved in someone else’s agenda we literally live after a plan that somebody set up for their own good. Not for you. It can be easy to be used and taken advantage of because you will function in roles that are beneficial for the plan of someone else and not for your own agenda. Please remember that there is a great difference between being compassionate and a helping hand and living after someone else’s agenda. Speaking up for your own wants and needs and communicating them makes your intention clear of following your own agenda. It frees you, even from the foreign ballast you voluntarily carry on your shoulders, by being a catalyzer accelerating the process of someone’s plan towards a goal. You are not – I repeat – not demolishing someone else’s happiness by putting your wants and needs first. A person who loves and respects you will accept your decisions you make in life and support you as good as he or she can.

I hope you find joy in challenges and find the energy and power within you to push through your stages towards your goal!

XO Monalisa


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